The Implementation Project of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in Hospitals and Clinics of the Ministry of Health Malaysia in Negeri Sembilan

Thrilled to announce the successful completion of Health Information Exchange (HIE) UAT Stage 4 at Melang Inn, Kuala Pilah for Cycle 1 and Bangi Golf Resort for Cycle 2! Huge thanks to our testers and team for shaping this innovation. Stay tuned for the imminent launch, revolutionizing patient care!

Our amazing team is always hard at work

About HIE Project

The aspiration of the Ministry of Health Malaysia since the creation of Malaysia’s Telemedicine Blueprint: Leading Healthcare into the Information Age in 1997 is to establish an Integrated Health Information System or Health Information Exchange (HIE). This aims to enable the implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) through the Tele-Primary Care Expansion and Enhancement Project (TPC-OHCIS) in premier healthcare facilities and the Expansion and Enhancement of Hospital Information System@KKM (HIS@KKM) projects in secondary healthcare facilities in Negeri Sembilan. This system can be utilized to generate individual Lifetime Health Records (LHR) and subsequently establish a Provider Portal to ensure the continuity of treatment and care coordination.